Allow me to introduce myself, my name is......


Okay, so sometimes I say and do corny things like try to make a play off of Jay-Z's Public Service Announcement! 

I thought it was cute, so don't judge me! ;) 

Anywho! My name is Nia Sade Akinyemi and I am the Founder and Curator of this Blog: Confessions of A Revolutionary Mama! 

I started this blog in response to the social media tribe egging me on as I shared some of the revolutionary (and sometimes, radical) highs and lows of raising up my young black son in a world full of folks that still don't get IT. Don't worry, as you follow my journey and read from a couple of blogs here and there, you'll better understand what IT is... Quite frankly, IT is just too much to explain in this short space! 

My Story

I had my handsome young son at the tender age of 18 years old. His father and I thought we were grown and in an effort to do what we thought was the "right thing", we got married and lived happily ever after for all of three weeks. 


Fast forward to 2017, I am happily divorced from my high school sweetheart and am now happily in love with my KING who has gracefully taken on the role of father figure in my son's life. As you read, watch, and follow the journey, you'll witness pop-ins from King from time to time. He's my homie and my partner at teaching and cultivating a revolutionary child and sun-sun lovessss him!


What to Look Forward to:

I am at a place in life right now where I am learning to balance all the things I've ever prayed for. These things include, but are not limited to: 

  • Family
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Homeschool
  • Activism
  • Fitness

I always said a life worth living is of true freedom! Although it's never felt like TRUE freedom growing up black in Amerikkka, I strive to make the best of it until I'm courageous enough to chuck the deuces and hightail it to another country! Never having been one who appreciated confinement or rules, I've always played by my own rules and it's been no exception even as an adult (my daddy would probably roll his eyes at this, cause he thinks I just do too much). It's all good though. Really! (lol) I understand the power in living my best life and making the best decisions for me and my youngin', which is why I quit my job back in June 2017 and I have been running my four brands ever since! 

Nia - The Entrepreneur


I am the Founder & CEO of two businesses: YBF Publishing, LLC where I do business as "The Literary Revolutionary" teaching people of color how to write, publish, and market revolutionary books and Scent Messages, LLC , a 100% All Natural Soy Candle Company, created with YOU in mind. I'm also the Founder & Curator of two other brands: Black Authors Matter, which is a campaign to create, encourage, and promote black authors around the globe, and A Revolutionary Mama, this blog, which serves as my getaway from the demands of business and movement work! 

Nia - The Activist

FullSizeRender (7).jpg

As an Activist, I have organized several protests, marches, rallies, and #PackTheCourtroom initiatives in response many social injustices that have taken place in and throughout Atlanta and across the Nation. I am an active member of the Social Justice League of the SisterCARE Alliance, the leading organizer of the Coalition for Justice & Police Accountability, the Youth Coordinator of the National Coalition to Combat Police Terrorism, and one of the founding members of the Revolutionary Moms Club. I was initiated into the Atlanta Movement scene as the Youth & Young Adult Chairperson of the NAACP (Clayton County Branch). Though, I am no longer a member of the NAACP, I have that branch to thank for helping me to figure out what my role was in the fight against injustice. Naturally, every event that I'm a part of organizing, my son is in tow - which is one of the reasons I was urged to document this journey as a "Revolutionary Mama". 

Nia - The Homeschooling Mama


I knew (the moment my son came home saying he had to play a "Pilgrim" in his Pre-K Thanksgiving program) that I wanted to homeschool him. As mentioned above, I grew up in the house with two educator parents and I didn't fall too far from the tree. During undergrad, I taught both Kindergarten and Elementary Special Needs (LD, EBD, and Autism) so I felt more than qualified to teach my own child. I wanted to be totally in control of what he learned (its accuracy over the sensationalized LIEstory they teach young children in schools). You can watch this video to see why I chose to homeschool my black son in detail, here.

What i need from you:

Everything I am sharing with TRIBE, I am still learning and wanting to grow with. I don't have all the answers to Motherhood, Homeschooling, Fitness, etc. but I'm sure there are a few of you who have mastered some of these areas and are able to BALANCE it all. I'm a Libra so my entire LIFE is revolved around finding the BALANCE in things. Any tips, tricks, or just words of encouragement you'd like to share with me - please do not hesitate! As I recite in my morning affirmations every day, "I am open to all the beautiful things and good wisdom the universe, the Mos High, and the ancestors have for me!" So please subscribe to my blog, here, and SHARE SHARE SHARE with me! :) 

Talk soon! 

Love, Nia